In 1951 a group of dedicated church staff and members created a preschool ministry that would offer a Christian early education program as an extension of the church to reach out to the community.
As an extension of FPC Monrovia, Tiny Treasures Preschool promotes a Christ-centered and positive academic environment where our students can be excited to learn. We teach the children the abundance of God’s love through song, stories, prayer, and Chapel time. Children learn by example; we show them God’s love for us and how we can make decisions that reflect His promise to love one another as He loves us. As said in the Psalm, we believe children are a gift from the Lord – each having their own unique talents, passions, and learning styles. Our job at Tiny Treasures Preschool is to partner with our parents and family embracing each of those unique qualities and encouraging and nurturing their development process spiritually, socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually.