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Rev. Dr. Anthony "Tony" Osimo

senior pastor and Head of Staff

The Rev. Dr. Anthony Osimo grew up along the coast of California, and the beach is still his happy place. Tony received his M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary in Richmond, VA, and His Doctor of Ministry degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Anne, have two grown children, their son Carey, who married fellow Westmont Alum Candace, and their daughter Grace, who is a recent graduate of Vanguard University. They also cater to the needs of a dachshund named Shelby. In has spare time Tony loves anything on or in the water, snow skiing in the winter, and quiet nights reading next to Anne.

Tony has been active in ECO serving as the chair of the Pastoral Ministry Nominating Committee (PMOT) for ECO’s Presbytery of the West and then the Southern California Presbytery when ECO expanded into multiple presbyteries. He was also part of the organizing team for the Presbytery of Southern California.

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David Michael Layne

Director of Music


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Anna Shevchenko

Minister of Youth

Anna is a current student at Fuller Theological Seminary where she is working to get her Master of Divinity.  Anna moved to Southern California from Salem, Oregon, which is where she grew up and went to undergrad.  Anna always assumed she would grow up to be a history teacher which is why she was a history major at her alma mater, Willamette University.  But God had other plans and called her to youth ministry.  Anna is glad she got sidetracked from her original plan because serving and teaching young people has been a joy and a privilege and she's continually grateful to do it.  When she's not doing youth ministry, Anna likes reading, listening to podcasts, and hiking.  Anna has been at First Presbyterian Church Monrovia since January of 2019 and she is excited to see what God has in store for her and for this church.

Sharon Piedt

Worship leader

Lauren Blanco

minister of community

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Fawn Zappia

Children’s Ministries Director

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Erin Davis

Preschool Director