We come together every Thursday night a 7:30p for rehearsal—and within the first five minutes, we put all of our worries, fatigues, and concerns aside as we sing out our hearts, all the while improving as musicians. We learn everything from renaissance motets to gospel and pop, and sing them for the congregation every Sunday morning.

Numerous recent psychology studies support what we choir folk have always known; when you sing in a choir you improve posture, breathing, focus, stimulate endorphins, and most importantly—make new friends for life. Not to mention that church choirs are famous for their snacks!

We have a spacious dedicated choir rehearsal room at First Presbyterian Church Monrovia, and we welcome all who have an interest in joining our mighty group. There are no auditions, no solos, and no requirements to join other than a desire to make music with others. For more information, please contact us below.